"Wild Mike's Dance Party" is an episode from Back at the Barnyard from Season 2.


One day, during Abby's book club, Otis decides to let Wild Mike out for a dance party. The next morning, Wild Mike disappears and ends up on the set of "American Bandstand", where he is chained and forced to dance for an audience. Otis and the others find Mike and disguise themselves as dancers to rescue him. Otis has Wild Mike dance so fast that it breaks his chain and he is freed.

Voice cast


  • This is Wild Mike's only appearance outside of the movie.
  • Instead of Rednex's "Wild and Free", Wild Mike's song is a completely different one. This was most likely to avoid copyright claims.
  • Bessy remembers Wild Mike from the movie, hinting that Daisy and Lil Ben may have moved to another farm.


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