"The Right Cow" is an episode from Back at the Barnyard from Season 1.


The episode opens at night, where Otis is telling his best friends about a space adventure he went on one time, which Pip keeps questioning.

However, a spaceship suddenly crash lands and the gang decides to investigate. The ship opens and out pops what seems like an alien. Luckily, the alien just turns out to be a test chimp, but Freddy and Peck still think he is an alien. The chimp introduces himself as Bingo and Otis offers to let him into the Barnyard for a bite to eat.

Pig starts making Bingo a lasagna out of bananas and Duke starts grooming them. Bingo then sees a tire swing and starts playing on it and Abby joins in. Otis offers Bingo to stay, but Bingo gets angry when he figures out that Otis is the boss. To get rid of Otis so he can take over, Bingo says he will make him an astronaut.

The next day, Bingo traps Otis and Pip in the rocket and sends them into space. He then threatens the gang with his opposable thumbs and also blackmails them with a video of them talking.

Up in space, Otis and Pip manage to escape from the straps and contact the Barnyard. Unfortunately, only Bingo knows how to land the ship and won't talk. Otis decides to land the ship on his own and successfully lands back on Earth. Then the gang tie Bingo up and send him back into space while he vows to return for revenge (which he never does).

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