The Pizza Twins are characters in the Barnyard franchise. They are two twin pizza delivery brothers who work for the Siren Pizza.

The Pizza Twins often appear at different places doing weird things. Once, they worked with Peck being street performers. They might have been possessed for sometime due to the fact that they dug up the Vacuum Bag containing the ghosts.

Their catchphrases are "Mind meld!" and "Doodely doodely doo!" and also have their own handshake.


The Pizza Twins are dim-witted and energetic, yet friendly.

They have proven to be clumsy drivers in the Back at the Barnyard episode "Cowman and Ratboy" as Cowman and Ratboy rescue them from falling off a cliff. However, in "Dead Cow Walking," one of them says that they are fired. They Want To Build Their Treehouse, But They Glue It, And Then The Tree House Blows Up

They have a passion for pies, as seen in "Chez Pig" when they stopped by the Barnyard to buy Pig's homemade pies.


They both look alike and wear the same outift. 


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