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The Barnyard is a nickname for the farm, which is the home for Otis and his best friends.

Duke shot the Barnyard Safety Film at the Barnyard in the 1950s, which means that the farm must be at least 50 years old. This is true because once the Barnyard was haunted by Winky, who claimed to be 150 years old, which means the barnyard must be at least 150 years old. Duke has also mentioned that he has the sheepdog for a long time which backs up this fact.



The only human on the farm is the Farmer. It was also revealed that he had a wife that used to live at the farm with him. She is presumably deceased. Also, there may have been other humans who lived on the farm before them.


Numerous animals live at the Barnyard, mostly in the barn.

Main Characters:

  • Otis: A dairy cow who lost his mother when he was a calf, which means that he was at the Barnyard first.
  • Pip: A mouse who lives in a mouse hole in the side of the barn.
  • Freddy: A ferret who is Peck's best friend. His true origins (or why he lives at the Barnyard) are unknown.
  • Peck: A danger-prone rooster who shares a stall with Freddy.
  • Pig: A pig who lives in a mud hole outside the barn.
  • Abby: A dairy cow who becomes Otis' girlfriend after Daisy and Lil' Ben left.
  • Bessy: A dairy cow who lost her calf when he was a baby. She is crushed on by Pip.
  • Duke: A sheepdog who has lived at the Barnyard longer than anyone else there.

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In "The Chronicles of Barnia," the fictional world of Barnia was created as a parallel universe. It is a parody of Narnia.


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