Peck is the tetartagonist of the Barnyard franchise. He is one of Otis' best friends.


Peck is typically gentle, friendly, and very intelligent, although commonly joins Freddy in doing strange or dangerous activities. No matter what ideas the other animals come up with, Peck is quick to point out the flaws and is one of the most sane and smartest animals in the main cast.

He is fully aware of Freddy's carnivorous thoughts and it obviously makes him very nervous, but doesn't effect their relationship in any way. Peck is very forgiving, having instantly forgiven Freddy's parents for trying to eat him. 


Peck is a red (seemingly nude) Rhode Island red rooster. He has blue eyes, a round-ended sharp tongue, feathery arms, a red snide, and red feathers atop his head. He has a round upper beak and a skinnier lower beak where his red snide is. His last feature are two skinny legs. Practically, all of him is thin because of lack of food (at least in the show) and because his body feathers are possibly trimmed off, thus revealing his skinny, pink (sometimes red) body.

Human disguises


  • In the Back at the Barnyard online game Boy Tipping, it is revealed that Peck is the fastest and stealthiest.
  • Even though Peck doesn't usually have teeth, in a few early episodes and a brief scene in the movie, he can be seen with a pair of chompers. 
  • Peck is unique, as he is the only non-mammal in his group of friends. 
  • Sometimes, Peck tries to explain some things to the gang, but they usually don't care.



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