Orange Collection is a downloadable digital DVD available on iTunes. It was released on December 3, 2012 and contains eight episodes from season 1.


You’ll laugh until the cows (and pigs and mice and ferrets and…) come home with this Back at the Barnyard collection! Join Otis and Pip as Cowman and Ratboy when they save the Pizza Twins from falling off a cliff, then find out what a burden it is to save a life, when Duke pledges his eternal dedication to Otis for saving him from being crushed by an amplifier. Then, a fight-promoting hedgehog sees Otis pull some awesome wrestling moves and vows to make him a star, the sheep pull a mass barnyard exodus when they just can’t take being under Duke’s watchful eyes anymore, and in Barnyard Idol, Otis and the gang enter Pig in a singing competition. Next, the spirit of a long-departed bunny possesses Pig, Otis challenges Mrs. Beady in a run for mayor, and the gang makes a ventriloquist dummy that comes to life! So pull up a haystack and get read to hoof it up with Otis, Pip, Pig and the rest of the animals that turn this barnyard into a Saturday night dance party every night!


2a Cowman and Ratboy

2b Cow's Best Friend

8a Raging Cow

8b The Great Sheep Escape

16a Barnyard Idol

16b The Haunting

22a Otis for Mayor

22b Dummy and Dummier