Nora Beady, better known as Mrs. Beady, is the tertiary antagonist of Barnyard and the main antagonist of Back at the Barnyard. She is the Barnyard's next door neighbor, Nathan Beady's wife, Snotty Boy's aunt, and Snotty Boy's mother's sister.

Early life

Not much is known about Nora's early life, but it can be assumed she and Mr. Beady were once happily married until she started to become aware of Otis' antics and anthropomorphic abilities.


Nora is desperate to expose Otis and his best friends to the world and prove she isn't crazy. However, her plans are always foiled, leaving her humiliated. Soon enough, as the series continued, her desire to expose the animals turned into an obsession and made her become more evil.

However, Nora is very caring and loving towards Snotty Boy and treats him like her own child; however, she is blind to the fact that he treats Nathan like dirt. It has also been shown that she deeply loves Nathan and misses not being with him, despite their many differences.


Nora is a short, overweight old woman, with dirty blonde hair, a mole, and olive green eyes. She wears a blue dress with a floral pattern, a white apron, and pink high heels which hide her bunion infested feet. On one occasion, she did wear a light green button down shirt with blue navy pants which revealed her huge butt.When she works out she wears a pink one piece workout suit,white pantyhose,light pink leg warmers.

Episode Appearances

Cows best friend Saving Mrs. Beady The Big Barnyard Broadcast Dead Cow Walking


  • Nora is often thought to be the secondary antagonist of the film. though she plays the main antagonist in the show.