Miles is a character in the Barnyard franchise. He is Ben's best friend.

Early life

Not much is known Miles' past, but it is possible that he has known Ben for many years and has seen Otis as he has gotten older, which might explain why he has become a father figure for him after Ben died.


Miles is an older and wisest animal in the Barnyard and he tries his best to keep a level head. Besides Pip, he is sometimes the animal whom Otis talks to for advice. After Ben's death, Miles, in a way, took over as a father-like figure for Otis. Aside from being calm, level-headed, and fatherly, Miles is also wise, friendly, helpful, and kind-hearted.

Miles would someday like to meet Sam-Mule L. Jackson (a parody of Samuel L. Jackson).

His general is keeping Otis out of trouble, maintaining the peace, and reading. His favorite songs are "Donkey Schoen," "Muled Around and Fell in Love," "Mules Davis," and "Thelonious Mule." His favorite film is Mule for Love. His favorite television series is Mule and Grace. His favorite book is Don Quixote ("Donkey-Otie"). His favorite hero is Donkey Kong.


Miles is a bluish-gray donkey. He has a black mane and hooves and wears a golden horse collar.