Krauser Krebs is a character in Back at the Barnyard. He only appeared in "Brave Udders" as the (assumed) main antagonist.

Early life

Krebs used to relentlessly bully Otis by punching him and calling out various meats from cows ("T-Bone! Fillet! Sirloin!") and make him squirt milk on himself calling out various dairy products ("Two percent! One percent! Half and half!"). Eventually, he moved away from the Barnyard and he wasn't seen again.

Several years later, Krebs revisited the Barnyard to apologize to Otis for bullying him when they were young, but the animals kept stopping him since they thought he would try and hurt Otis again. In the end, Krauser finally got to apologize to Otis and then left to apologize to his other former victims.


Krebs used to bully Otis and beat him up due to his bad temper and anger issues. When he was getting the proper help and treatment, he changed and decided to make amends.


Krebs is a mallard duck with a tuft of hair on his head.


  • Coincidentally, Thomas F. Wilson is best known for playing Biff Tannen in Back to the Future.


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