Goraldo is a character in Back at the Barnyard. He is a television host and broadcaster for his show The Goraldo Factor who only appeared in "The Big Barnyard Broadcast" as the secondary antagonist.

Early life

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Goraldo is self-centered, arrogant, greedy, and overall rude. He wants nothing more than to fulfill his dream of becoming a broadcasting legend.

Goraldo tends to make clown faces at people's face. It was seen that he did it to Mrs. Beady when she asked if she looked gorgeous. His dream was ruined by Gill O'Malley (Otis in disguise) and was mistakenly brought to a mental institution due to have seen talking animals.


Goraldo wears a blue suit and a red tie. He has a long / large mustache that makes Mrs. Beady attracted to him. He keeps a pack of tranquilizer darts inside his suit.


  • Goraldo is a parody of Geraldo Rivera.
  • He also now knows that the animals can talk, but he has never returned or tried to expose them again.


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