Etta is a character in the Barnyard franchise. She is Maddy's mother, Hanna's sister, Boil and Ellie's aunt.

Early life

Not much is known about Etta's early life, but it is said she's been friends with Ben for a long time. 


Etta is a very kind and protective person and cares deeply for her children. When Ben died, she seemed to blame herself for what happened. Ironically, Otis also blamed himself for what happened. She also was very proud of Otis for taking the job as leader and resucing her, Maddy, Hanna and the other hens from Dag. 


Etta has two red feathers on her head, a white head, a yellow beak and a brown torso.


  • When Andie McDowel was recording for Etta, she based Etta's personality off of her own.