The Club Otis members

Club Otis was a night club that Otis ran every night until it was merged with Club Abby in the summer of 2008 in the episode "Club Otis."

Before its merge with Club Abby, it was an all-boys club.



Club Otis had all kind of activities (with the exception of when the members pretended for it to be boring to convince Abby to go away).

They were:

  • Paddleballing,
  • Musical chairs,
  • And reading letters from far away with one eye.

The only things known to be fun were:

  • Mackerel slapping as discipline,
  • Handshakes,
  • And rebelry.

Secret password

The members had a secret password to get into the club; the password was "Head trauma."


  • The members had a handshake that you have to say, "Walla walla walla mooya!"
  • Each member had a fuzzy jester hat.
  • The clubhouse was decorated with lights, banners, and had a "sacred" totem pole.
  • It had a volcano of Otis' creation.