"Brave Udders" is an episode from Back at the Barnyard from Season 1.


Otis receives some bad news in the mail; his old childhood bully, Krauser Krebs is coming to visit and Otis is terrified, so his friends decide to help him conquer his fear. The next day, Krebs is revealed to be a duck and the others laugh at him. Krebs gets angry and starts attacking the gang, while Otis hides in the well. Just then, a vision of himself as a calf appears and tells him to be brave and save his friends. Otis goes back up and is still scared, but he gets furious when he sees Krebs beating up Abby and finally decides to beat Krebs. Krebs calms down and reveals that he only came to make amends, but he couldn't because the others wouldn't listen to him and he leaves. Otis then tells his friends that another bully is coming and asks them if they can help him, but the gang chases him instead. 

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  • When Krebs throws Pig out of the barn, he says "Here's Krebsy", an easy reference to The Shining
  • Thomas F. Wilson, who voices Krebs is also known for playing Biff from Back to the Future.
  • Pig interrupts the show to explain bullying, but he is attacked by Krebs. At the end, he decides to play the William Tell Overture in D-Minor on his jowls, only to get attacked again.


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