Back at the Barnyard Animal Farmers

"Animal Farmers" is an episode from Back at the Barnyard from Season 1.


Otis' favorite country singer Stumpity Joe is coming to town. Otis is so excited that he wants all the crops to get in fast so he sets the tractor to high speed and accidentally injures the Farmer. The animals must help bring in the crops and produce milk and eggs.

Otis wanted to demonstrate how to use the milking machine, so he tried to use the Milk Maid Pro, the Farmer's cow milking machine. He attached his udders and had, Pip, who was in charge of the controls, turn on the machine. Otis found the first setting comfortable when the machine tugged gently on his udders, but Pip made the machine suck on Otis' udders harder and harder until Otis's udder was dry. He was very skinny after being milked.

They did finished get all the entire corn on a cart, but Pig ate them because he thinks it was a dream. Freddy thinks the corn isn't digested yet and tries to get it out of Pig but to no avail.

The next day, Freddy feeds the chickens an energy drink to speed up production on the eggs, but it was made with dynamite and the eggs explode. The animals start arguing about whose fault and started blaming each other. The sheep arrive and tell Otis that Stumpity Joe is driving right by and Otis decides to blow up the farm as a signal. Joe arrives at the farm and tells Otis that he'd like to use the farm as the scenery for his new music video. If they agree, he'll pay them seventeen bags of money and Otis agrees.

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  • The Farmer did not recognize his own barn when he saw the music video.